Vacation on Hashem’s Tab!

One week, Mrs. Levine* wanted to take a break from Shabbos cooking and baking and setting up the table. She wanted a vacation; she wanted to go away. However, she couldn’t afford to go anywhere that cost money. She said to herself,  “I wish someone would invite my entire family for all the seudos. But I don’t have any family near me, and nobody has invited me in the past Yovel!” Then she said, “One second. Who puts it in people’s brains to invite me? It’s Hashem!” That night, she got a phone call from one of her friends, who said to her, “You know, “I’m in the mood to have some company over.” I haven’t had guests in such a long time. It’s probably too late to call you; you probably already made Shabbos. But is there any way you could come?” Her friend lived close by, and they were able to walk over for all the seudos! Just like that, she got a free vacation on Hashem’s tab!
[R’ Golombeck]
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