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Fill Your Bank with Chessed!

Rabbi Golombeck was in Santander Bank waiting in line, and there was a Heimeshe Yid behind him. Rabbi Golombeck told him, “I know time is precious to every Yid, but you should just know that I’m going to be very quick. I am making one transaction, and I’ll be out before you know it.” The other yid said to Rabbi Golombeck, “You know what? I appreciate you telling me that so much. I’ll tell you why. You show that you care about me and you care about my time. You realize that we’re waiting in line. Some people could take a long time, they can make five

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Undamped Simcha

Rabbi Golombeck had a flood in his basement, which caused a lot of damage, so he filed an insurance claim. He hired a public adjuster to make sure the insurance company would give him the full amount of money he needed to make the repairs. After the insurance company told Rabbi Golombeck how much money they would be giving him, Rabbi Golombeck started to regret hiring a public adjuster. He thought that the insurance company would have given him the same amount even without the adjustor, and now he has to give the adjustor 10% of the claim. Then he realized it was just his Yetzer Hara!

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It’s All Kavod

R’ Schechter,* a yungerman,  was offered the zechus to drive the Rosh Yeshiva of BMG, Rav Yerucham Olshin, somewhere that he needed to go. He really, really wanted to do it, but his wife needed his help, and he didn’t know what to do. He called up his Rav, who said that Shalom Bayis comes first. He said that because he follows a Life with Bitachon, instead of being mad at his wife, he asked himself why he wants to do it so badly. If the Rav told me I should stay home, then that’s what Hashem wants. Why would I want to drive the Rav? It

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It’s Geshmak To Do The Right Thing

Rabbi Golombeck was at Leifer’s shul. A Yid by the name of R’ Chaim* had a yahrzeit for his mother. He was about to go up to daven for the Amud, but someone else really wanted to daven for the Amud.  R’ Chaim knew that it’s a zechus to be mevater, so he let that other person daven. R’ Chaim walked away so happy, knowing that he did the best thing!

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Impressions are Meaningless

Mrs. Rosenberg* walked out of her house, and she saw a friend, who she had not met in a long time, coming towards her. Right away, she started thinking: “What type of an impression am I going to make on her? Do I look happy? Do I look the way she wants me to look?” She started getting nervous.  When her friend approached her, her friend said, “You know, my natural instinct is always to worry what others are thinking of me and what type of an impression I am making. But I follow the Bitachon Hotline, and it doesn’t bother me anymore.” Mrs. Rosenberg said, “Whoa,

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Say Goodbye to “Problems”!

Mrs. Meisel’s* daughter was diagnosed with bipolar. She was going through many issues and struggles in school. Her mother got very down about it and her friend told her all about Rabbi Yehuda Mandel, Bitachon Weekly, Spring Hill Times, and the Bitachon Hotline. She got totally involved in Emunah and Bitachon and she started listening to all the yesodos that say; “Never say a label.” “Laugh it off.” “Don’t believe anything.” She should say, “My daughter is perfect, with no issues. My daughter doesn’t have any problems. She’s doing very well in school.” Only positive, positive, positive. Since then, her daughter’s a different daughter!! A different child!

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Living A Life with Bitachon!

R’ Halpert* used to work with somebody, and he was very jealous of that other person. He felt that he was more successful and more matzliach. Then he said, “One second. I listen to A Life with Bitachon, and they always say to speak positive. Lie straight through your teeth.” He started saying, “I’m not jealous! I’m so happy for that person. Wow! I have everything going for me!” All he said was positive lies. He said that since he started speaking positively, he is able to fargin that person. He’s happy with himself and he’s happy with them. It’s a different world! [R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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What Side Effects

Hashem Removes Side Effects!

R’ Lazer was on a heavy medicine that had the side effect of making him feel weak and dizzy.  One day, after he took the medicine, he started feeling weak and dizzy as usual. At first, he thought, ‘Of course, that’s the side effects of the medicine.’ Then he thought, ‘One second. I always hear on A Life with Bitachon that we don’t believe in medicine. We don’t believe in side effects. It’s only Hashem. Do you think Hashem can only heal you if there are side effects? No!’ As he thought this, he suddenly got back his strength, and he wasn’t dizzy anymore. He was able to

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joking is the best medicine

Laughing and joking is the best medicine!

Mrs. Greenberg* could neither swallow or fall asleep due to severe throat pain. She had heard on A Life with Bitachon from R’ Yehuda Mendel that laughing and joking is the best medicine, so she took it into practice. She took a joke book; as she was reading it, it was so funny, and she started feeling better! She understood that Ein Od Milvado, and that laughter is what Hashem wants us to do. When you realize that there is nothing but Hashem, everything else disappears. And she felt like a brand new person; the pain had disappeared! Laughing and joking is the best medicine! [heard by

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Ko'ach of being Grateful

“The Ko’ach of being Grateful”

Someone called R’ Golombeck saying they don’t have a penny to their name, their bills are piling up, they don’t see from where their Yeshua will come; they’ve tried everything. so R’ Golombeck advised, “Be grateful for everything you have, and next time money comes in, make a big deal out of it and call me back and share with me the story.” Within 24 hours, Rav Golombeck got a call that someone offered to pay their rent! “The Ko’ach of being grateful is so powerful!” Read more: Hashem pays Bills!

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