Impressions are Meaningless

Mrs. Rosenberg* walked out of her house, and she saw a friend, who she had not met in a long time, coming towards her. Right away, she started thinking: “What type of an impression am I going to make on her? Do I look happy? Do I look the way she wants me to look?” She started getting nervous. 

When her friend approached her, her friend said, “You know, my natural instinct is always to worry what others are thinking of me and what type of an impression I am making. But I follow the Bitachon Hotline, and it doesn’t bother me anymore.” Mrs. Rosenberg said, “Whoa, those were the exact words I needed to hear! I’m scared of her, and she’s scared of me! 

With Bitachon there’s no need to be scared because what does it help to make an impression?”

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