Hashem is the Best Party Planner!

Rav Golombeck had the most amazing encounter with a very chushuv Yid, Shmuel, who works as an electrician, and he goes around fixing electricity in people’s houses. He told Rav Golombeck that three years ago he went to fix the electricity by a yungerman by the name of Efraim Rosen. While he was at his house, Efraim had ‘A Life with Bitachon’ playing on speakerphone. Shmuel was blown away by the Emunah and Bitachon! He asked for the number of ‘A Life with Bitachon’, and they ended up schmoozing for over one hour! He didn’t wind up going to anybody else that day. He was just so amazed by Emunah and Bitachon. He said that ever since that day three years ago, he has been following ‘A Life with Bitachon’ every day, and it has changed his entire life. He told Rav Golombeck, “Right now, I’m making a Simcha.” (It was his child’s aufruf.) “Instead of caring all the time what type of impression I’m making, being scared of this person from that person, trying to please and impress everybody. I say that I am here just to impress and please Hashem. It’s so easy to please and impress Hashem. Everything is from Hashem, and everything is perfect! Hashem is running the simcha and Hashem is making the simcha!” He said he was able to be so calm and relaxed with a smile! He never believed he could make a simcha so stress and worry-free! Just like having a party planner, he saw how Hashem was taking care of everything from start to finish and everything in between!

(R’ Zevy Golombeck)

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