Chesed Yibaneh

Olam Chesed Yibaneh

R’ Mandel from Williamsburg is part of an organization that organizes food and toys for kids in the hospital (Yidden love these mitzvos! Klal Yisrael is amazing!).

One day, he received a phone call: “Could you please bring three packages of food and toys to this and this hospital, and to this and this room.” He went to pick up the three bags and he brought them to the hospital. He got to the hospital and he couldn’t find parking, so he called the person who was
staying with the patient, and he said, “I have your three packages, is there any way someone could come get it?” The man answered, “Sorry, I need to be with the patient, I’m not available to come down.” R’ Mandel said, “Okay, I’ll work it out.”

He looked around, but there was nobody in sight who would be able to help him. He was wondering, “Who is going to bring it up? I can’t find parking, and there’s nowhere to park here.” He called up his wife and asked, “What should I do?” She said, “Sing Hakol Yachol.”

He started singing Hakol Yachol, and lo and behold, he saw a yid walking towards the hospital. When he called over the yid, he came to his car and asked, “How can I help you?” He said, “I have three packages. Can you bring it up to a choleh for me?” The yid said, “Sure, no problem! My greatest pleasure!” And just like that, the yid brought up the three packages for the choleh!

“Hashem runs a perfect world, and Klal Yisrael is amazing!”

“Bitachon brings brachos!”

[R’ Zevy Golombeck]

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